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I use Hypnosis methods to help people to go into the meditation state faster and deeper. You will learn relaxation techniques, breathing methods for optimal body and mind functioning, poses that influence maintenance of the body and temporary issues of the body, how to do meditation to get all the benefits, and alternative information for mind and body.

Classes include Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini and Restorative poses.


  I am certified by the National Yoga Institute, 20 years experience in teaching, and certified Hypnotherapist.

   Pre registration is recommended because of limited amount of people for classes.

  You can pay by paypal if you have an account, and I will send you a request. I also take credit cards and would just charge an extra dollar for their fee. Check or cash also. Whatever works.


These are the classes for 2019  spring and summer at Metropolitan Community College 2019

Register at Metro Community College  $39

457-5231 1-800-228-9553

All Classes are at 9:30 to 12:30 at various locations. 2019

Contact Metro for Registration and location of classes


402-320-0859 nyeaubrey@gmail.com

Register at Metro Community College457-5231 1-800-228-9553

Weight loss hypnosis/ April 27

Body language/ may 4

Past life regression may 11

Change unwanted feelings with NLP and EFT/ may 18
Learn How to Read People  6/22 WHS

Change Unwanted Feelings 6/29 WHS

Learn How to Read People 8/3 South Express

Change Unwanted Feelings 8/10 South Express




Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have

become very popular and used in many methods used by Psychotherapists, Sports

Trainers, and known Motivational Speakers to help people in changing unwanted

behaviors, feelings, fears, and improving performance in all areas. Many people notice

a change in class.


You may be surprised in what you see and experience. Many have!

(Some have been able to verify information they experienced in class.) I use a special

method used world wide and by Psychiatrists that have written books on this subject.

Whether you believe it or not, you might want to check it out! Bring a blanket and pillow

to be comfortable on the floor. CEU’s are available for this class. Instructor: Aubrey Nye

MEDITATION South Express April 6

Many people think they can’t meditate because their mind is too busy, which is not true.

There are many forms of meditation, but what I will teach you is how it is really done to

create the phenomenal results in mind and body. (You will be delightfully surprised) .You

will also learn how to breath properly, of which 50% are not, which affects their mind

and body, along with other breathing techniques to increase oxygen and create

immediate calm.

Body Language South Express May 5

Do you really know what someone is saying to you or the impression you are giving?

Knowing how to read body Language, expressions, gestures, words, tone of voice, how

you dress, stand, walk, distraction and manipulation techniques, and more, will improve

your communications and chances for success in all areas of business and life. You will

also get techniques of rapport to get the results and responses that you want. Check dad

Motivational Speakers, politicians, police, and many other fields use this information.

You will never see people the same after this class.

Increase your Brain Functioning South Express March 31

Learn techniques to increase the capability and functioning of your mind. These are

necessary for people of any age. You will learn about studies that have been done and

things that you can do to take care of your brain. You can actually increase your memory and create new circuits in the brain as you get older. Breathing is the key to your life and improper breathing can create health issues and cognitive functioning. These breathing techniques can help with energy, stress, sleep, anxiety, calming the mind, and much more.This information

can also influence the factors involved with dementia and Alzheimer.

Weight Loss Hypnosis. South Express and Westside? April 11, Westside April 28

Great results without having to deprive yourself or go on diets. You will eat less, be

consciously aware of your eating, of which half of it is unconscious, feel full faster and a

few other suggestions that will make losing weight easy! Bring pillow and blanket


Sa from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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