I do Workshops and Speaking Engagements for various companies. A few of these have been for First National Bank, Pottawatamie Mental Health Services, Midlands Financial Organization,Court Reporters, MMP Midlands Mentor Partnership and many others.

Topics include:

. Stress Techniques

. Brain exercises and techniques, as well as information and studies in keeping the brain optimal.

. Body Language. Learn what others are really saying to you, and what you are saying to them. How to create rapport and the responses you want.

. Techniques for reprogramming your thinking and behaviors.

. Meditation and Breathing methods to reduce stress, optimize performance ability,and help with sleep and energy.

. Yoga. I teach relaxation techniques, poses for all part of the body, internally and externally, and meditation.

All of these subjects can be amended to combine, or direct particular areas of interest. For more detailed information on each subject please contact 402-320-0859,

        Workshops or speaking engagements can be within a certain time frame that fits your particular venue.

Price varies depending on time, and preparation involved.

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