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DOWNLOADS FOR CD’S ARE AVAILABLE NOW. WeightLoss Hypnosis, Relaxation. .

I HAVE HAD GREAT SUCCESS WITH WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS    I  use 3 other modalities along with the Hypnosis, NLP, EFT,  and Energy Psychology methods.  My sessions are not generic scripts.  Each session is individualized to your particular situation.

                                    NEW YOGA CLASSES starting up. Check class link

Welcome to my site.

My name is Aubrey Nye. I am a Board  Certified Hypnotherapist, certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, and Emotional Freedom Technique,(EFT) , Yoga teacher, Spiritual Minister  and Energy Psychology. I am also a Weight Loss Specialist with my own program using Hypnosis, where one does not have to be deprived of food they love, they just eat less! Check out link.

I have a private practice working with people privately using the different modalities I mentioned up above, with Hypnosis. Using a combination of these modalities I have found the results  to be much more effective. Each person’s brain is unique in how they process information and my sessions are very personalized according to each person’s needs or issues. I am known for my empathetic and caring behavior in working with people. Everyone’s life matters.

I do workshops, classes and lectures for many companies, organizations, private groups, and Universities. Some of my workshops are in Stress Management, How Your Thoughts and Emotions change your body and Reality,Meditation, Body Language, Past Life Regression ,Weight Loss Hypnosis and more. You can check them out on description for classes link . 

I am also Nationally certified in Yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation methods, poses and Meditation. I have a small studio in my house where  and I teach at various other locations in the area.

I sell CD’s and downloads in Weightloss Hypnosis, Non Smoking Hypnosis, a wonderful Relaxation tape and Hypnosis. I am now working on other tapes/downloads I will be selling.  Coming soon!

“Mirror Images” is a book I researched and wrote on a very real phenomenon of people who look alike, that can be similar or exact. There are  unique characteristics other than facial that I have discovered in the research.The experiences from people will leave you mystified .

I am also an artist and sell my work. Many of my paintings and other art work  are in the Gallery link. Contact for prices.

Please click on  the links and pictures for more information, 

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