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Yoga in Council Bluffs.   5:45 to 6:45 on Tuesday.Check Classes for times , dates and description, or contact me.

Dates and times may vary. Contact for schedule

Yoga at my place. 10:30 to 11:30 on Monday

  • Yoga at studio in my house/6 weeks/1 hour/$75.Monday  10:30 am to 11:30 am and 6:00 to 7:00
  • Private Yoga sessions at my house or yours(price depends on time for class, 30min.45min 60 min
  • Yoga and Meditation classes available for Companies, Organizations, and  Speaking Engagements.
  • Yoga classes can be taught on a consecutive basis or an individual workshop.
  • Meditation classes can also can also be taught on an consecutive basis or an individual workshop.


I have practiced, studied and taught meditation,yoga and relaxation methods for over 35 years.  A few of these are Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Science of the Mind, Course of Miracles,  I AM Discourses, Kriya Yoga, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and Reiki.

 I have been a student under Margaret Hahn, who owns the Omaha Yoga School, for over four years, and studied with Guru Mahan Jagath Paramjothiar learning Kundalini Yoga. I have studied and taught some form of Eastern Philosophy and Practice for over 30 years; I  taught Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism in New York City for 4 years; practiced and taught Transcendental Meditation; practiced various forms of yoga since 13; studied at the Omaha Yoga School for over 7 years; and I am also certified through the Yoga National Alliance and Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center to teach yoga.



 I teach breathing exercises,relaxation techniques, Hatha asanas (poses) and meditation techniques. Anyone of any age, weight, etc. can do my classes. Everyone goes at their own pace. I also point out which poses help certain things within the body as well as without, i.e.. sciatica, lower back pain, hip, shoulders, internal organs, etc.  I give handouts and interesting information on things one can use in creating better health and maintenance. Always informative!

The first part of the class is doing a relaxation technique. I teach many of these. Second part is doing asanas for the body, internal organs, preventative and maintenance for the body. I point out what poses can help with sciatica, back problems, shoulder, arthritis, herniated disks, leg, feet, eyes and much more.

I teach brain exercises that stimulate and create new pathways in the brain for thinking, memory and overall funcitoning.

I also teach accupressure spots that help with many things!

the last part we do meditation. Most people do not know  how to do meditation and what it really is that can create all the wonderful effects in the miind and body. I teach many ways to do the meditation that will give you results. People have noticed a great nights sleep afterwards. Meditation is known to create new pathways in the brain, reduce stress, and help with brain functioning.

I give out handouts on various poses and information and research on natural alternatives for the mind and body.

Anyone can do what I teach. It is a gentle yoga for any body,size, illness or bobdy malfunctioning. Everyone goes at their own pace according to what is going on with them at the time.

I show each pose for the advanced, middle group or beginners, so you can adjust to what works best with your body.

My students get hooked on Yoga! and most have a wonderful nights sleep afterwards.

If interested in having me do classes for your group or organization, I can create the poses, etc. that are best for that group, from senior citizens to young adults.

These can be combined with Mind/Body workshops.



Classes at my place or in Council Bluffs  call 402-320-0859

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