These are various classes I have offered at Metropolitan Community College, Companies, Organizations and groups in the Omaha area. 


Holistic remedies and preventative techniques for the body, brain, arthritis, colds, weight loss, blood pressure, sleep, balance chakras, acupressure points, work with the energy field with techniques similar to reiki, relaxation methods and hypnosis, muscle testing, essential oils,  amazing skin care formulas, increase metabolism, heal scars, cuts and infections, visualization, exercises to help with shoulders, back, legs, blood clots, improve lung functioning, neck, sciatica, prevent disk problems and much more. Bring your own home remedies to share also.


Hypnosis is now coming back as a major modality in healing the mind and body, for stress, pain, labor, setting goals, preparing for tests, interviews,relaxation,meditation,sleeping, weight loss,breaking bad habits and behaviors etc.   It is now used in many modalities for change .You will learn the basics of Hypnosis and how to hypnotize yourself and others in class.These are simple methods that can take a short amount of time.  Bring a partner to work with. Hypnosis CD available for purchase in class. I have been a Hypnotherapist for 25 years, with great results!


Learn “how” your thoughts and emotions create your experiences physically and mentally.  These are proven methods and research into this area.  Understand how affirmations alone do not create results. This information has been around for a long time, but most do not understand how having positive and negative thoughts and feelings actually create their reality. You will definitely see results once you understand how this works.

Learn about the latest research in this area and how your brain and subconscious are affected by the thoughts and emotions you have.

CHANGE unwanted feelings with NLP and EFT.

Neuro Linguistic Programming  and EFT are profound and simple methods to change your patterns of thinking, phobias,

unwanted behaviors, reactions , responses, anxiety, public speaking and more! Learn how to

do EFT in one session which works with acupressure points. I will also be teaching a method to

eliminate or reduce cravings for one product like chocolate, sugar, pop, etc.You do not have to

live with unwanted habits, feelings and behaviors.These methods have had amazing results

and often within a short period of time. Most people notice a difference in the class.Aubrey Nye

is a certified Hypnotherapist, and in NLP and EFT.

Learn how to READ PEOPLE

Are you aware of what messages you are giving off to others through your body

language? Others are giving you information into what they really are feeling that is not

expressed in words. What can you do to give positive first impressions, and get the

response that you want? What is your date or spouse really saying?Abusers know what

to look for in a victim. Learn what that is.Stop questioning whether someone is giving

you the truth or not, from business, sales people, friends, etc. Gestures, facial

expressions, voice, words, etc.will tell you what is really going on. Fascinating class,

you will never see people the same again!

. Handouts are provided. Bring a yoga mat and blanket. The instructor in Aubrey Nye.


Learn techniques to increase the capability and functioning of your mind and brain. These are necessary

for people of any age. You will learn about studies that have been done and how your thoughts and

emotions affect your mind and body.You can increase new circuits in the brain .You will also learn many

different breathing and stress techniques that can help with sleep, energy, reprogramming your brain and

much more! Be proactive and empower yourself!


Do you really know how to meditate? Meditation is known to help with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional disorders and a practice that can enhance everyone’s life no matter what age! You will learn the basics of meditation that you can do at any time, anywhere, and receive the benefits! It can reduce stress on the body and mind, create an ability to let things go

and create focus in your life. This class also introduces many relaxation techniques that are simple and not time consuming. You will also get information on basic yoga methods that help with neck, shoulders, back, sciatica and relieving tension. Learn how meditation really works!Learn how to relax!!! Handouts and CD’s are available in class. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and pillow to be comfortable.


Find out who you were in a past life, with a known technique that helps you to

experience images and feelings. I will also be giving information on evidence and

documentation of reincarnation. You may be curious if you were with a particular person

in a past life, a recurring dream of a different time and place, a deja vu with a country or

place you have visited, a different race and culture that seems familiar, or a phobia.

Many people have had interesting experiences and images in my classes.

Bring a blanket or 2, or a lawn chair to be comfortable.


I use 3 methods,Hypnosis, EFT and NLP. This is why my sessions have been

extremely effective in helping people to change their eating habits,and

eating less with no feeling of deprivation. You don’t have to diet or even change

what you eat. You will automatically eat less after the session and feel full faster,

while totally enjoying your food! I target the main areas that are proven now to

work. One can splurge, go out to dinner, on vacation and eat things they like, but

they will automatically eat less of them while enjoying it much more, without the

guilt! I have researched this area extensively and I am a Weight Loss Specialist

and certified Hypnotherapist. Make it easy!!!

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