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Would you like to eat what you want but not gain weight?

I have researched this area extensively throughout the years. I have found the key components to why people have trouble losing weight.

The feeling of deprivation is the reason most diets do not work. Other areas are eating unconsciously, taking more than one bite, not chewing the food, not getting the feel full signal and emotional eating. All of these cause overeating, therefore the weight gain.

     In the Hypnosis I put in the suggestions that change these eating habits automatically.

Through Hypnosis you are perfectly satisfied with eating less, while not having to change the foods that you like. NO DEPRIVATION!

Your brain will take in the suggestions in the best way that it works for you.


I am constantly upgrading the Hypnosis Inductions to help people to go into the Hypnosis state, which in simply a deep meditative, delta state. I also teach meditation. I have a process that I recently added to my Induction that helps most people to be able to go into Hypnosis, no matter how busy their mind is.  It is a misconception that one’s mind is too busy to go into Hypnosis. Everyone’s mind is busy because that is how the brain functions during the day in a beta state. My job is to have Inductions that are effective in helping you to get out of the beta state and go into a nice relaxed delta state. Every Hypnotherapists use different techniques.


  1. One session. This is gathering your specific eating patterns that need to be changed and putting those in the Hypnosis. Many Hypnotherapists just use a generic Weight Loss Hypnosis that you listen to. This is around 1  1/2 hours to 2. I also recommend getting my Weight Loss CD or download  and playing after Hypnosis session to reinforce suggestions.  I also record your session and will send it to you to download for $15.
  2.  3 sessions.  The time varies depending on the person and issues.  This is more intensive than the one session that is around 1 1/2 hours to 2.

    I have found that 3 sessions is extremely effective in changing the pattersn of eating. For many people, and I would say a high percentage, overeating is not about food, even though they think it is.  Food becomes a way of dealing with stress, boredom,  depression, and a false belief that it will give one a feeling of pleasure, even though it does none of these things. Many patterns of eating start in childhood when most of our beliefs are created. It can be linked to reactions to life, environment, experiences and coping. Since the mind does not automatically delete these programs when they are no longer needed, they continue to repeat in the mind  subconsciously until changed. They can also be the reason one keeps doing something they don’t want to do and feel helpless in changing. 

    Hypnosis often can change the programming, in itself, but sometimes these patterns need to be deleted with other modalities along with Hypnosis.  This is where doing several sessions can make the Hypnosis more beneficial, but you also can have some lifechanging things  happen in other areas along with the eating.

    WEIGHT LOSS  HYPNOSIS  SESSIONS FOR GROUPS                            I have regular Weight Loss classes at Metropolitan Community College , for private organizations, companies and small  groups people will have at their house.  Check class schedule or contact. I also  do refresher Hypnosis at my place periodically and do Weight Loss Hypnosis for the public at various locations. If you are interested in being on my mailing list, please email.



Using the Weight Loss HYPNOSIS CD  or Weight Loss Hypnosis download can reinforce the suggestions from a workshop or private session. This also can be used when  old habits start coming back  from life situations.  You just put on the CD and reinforce the suggestions as soon as possible.

    The Weight Loss Hypnosis CD can be used without doing a workshop or private session and can be just as effective, but can take a little longer and playing it regularly for a period of time. 

Weight Loss Hypnosis CD available for purchase here.

Weight Loss Download is also available

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