Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions


WEIGHT LOSS  HYPNOSIS  SESSIONS in Workshops or individually. I have regular Weight Loss classes at Metropolitan Community College and York SouthEastern College. Check class schedule or contact..

I am a  Hypnotherapist and  Weight Loss  Hypnosis Specialist helping people in private sessions and workshops to lose weight for 23 years and very successful at it!

Would you like to eat what you want but not gain weight?

       I LOVE FOOD! and can eat anything I want!!!

I have researched this area extensively throughout the years. I have found the key components to why people have trouble losing weight.

The feeling of deprivation is the reason most diets do not work. Other areas are eating unconsciously, taking more than one bite, not chewing the food, not getting the feel full signal and emotional eating. All of these cause overeating, therefore the weight gain.

     In the Hypnosis I put in the suggestions that change these eating habits automatically. Quantity is not the issue, or is food. It is how you eat. Through Hypnosis you are perfectly satisfied with eating less, while not having to change the foods that you like. NO DEPRIVATION!

I also take out some of the programs playing on a subconscious level, like eating everything on your plate, which most people have heard from childhood. It will cause people to finish everything on the plate whether you are full or not.

Your brain will take in the suggestions in the best way that it works for you. I also include exercise and making good choices.


When I work with people on a private basis I am able to find out what programs may be attached to the eating behavior and take those out.  Food does not take care of stress, depression, boredom, etc. etc. It only gives a temporary taste that is pleasurable. But often people will keep eating that thing that tastes good to the point of getting sick trying to get the emotional component.

In a private session I can find out “if” there are any emotional attachments as well as habits that don’t automatically kick out and take the triggers off.  Then you can enjoy food,  eat less, and be perfectly satisfied. Not that you can’t splurge from time to time also.

      The hypnosis that I will do is addressing your own specific needs, whether emotional, or just the particular areas and foods that you want changed.

.    I have a success rate of 97% with private sessions if given the time to work on any issues that may be behind the eating.These can be from 1 to 3 sessions, depending on what is going on.  Often it all kicks in within the first session which can be from an 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours.  If there are some emotional issues attached, then it may take longer than one to get those taken care of. Of which you have the double advantage of not just losing weight but feeling better on an internal basis, without carrying that baggage from the past. Each person is different.

WEIGHT LOSS HYPOSIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. If you get a group of people together you can have it at your place or mine. I have a studio that will fit 10 people. Minimum is 5. Contact for info.


Using the Weight Loss HYPNOSIS CD  or Weight Loss Hypnosis download can reinforce the suggestions from a workshop or private session. This also can be used when  old habits start coming back  from life situations.  You just put on the CD and reinforce the suggestions as soon as possible.

    The Weight Loss Hypnosis CD can be used without doing a workshop or private session and can be just as effective, but can take a little longer and playing it regularly for a period of time.

check link to Weight Loss CD and download for more information

Weight Loss Hypnosis CD available for purchase here.


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