I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and EFT certified.

I use various methods,  along with HYPNOSIS,  which makes my work all the more effective.   I also have  25 years of experience, and have been “very successful” in helping hundreds of people to change those unwanted tapes, programs, ways of doing and thinking, and  habits, that they no longer need, but do not know how to get rid of.

 There is nothing in your life that isn’t affected by your thoughts.  The most powerful thoughts you have are the ones in your subconscious mind. That’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy can really help.

NEURO LINGUISTIC  PROGRAMMING.  There are many methodologies taught in NLP.  It is not just one method. Some examples are on the description page link. These methods are very profound, and can often have immediate results.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE . This is a particular method used on acupressure spots of the body. It is growing fast because of it’s effectiveness and has been around for approximately 20 years. It has been used on emotional, mental and physical issues.

HYPNOSIS has been around for a long time.  We are understanding  more and more what this state is and how to access it. It is an extremely powerful method in helping to reprogram the brain.

(See description link for information on the techniques)I work with many different issues and stubborn thought processes that are no longer needed. Call to discuss 402-320-0859

Private sessions are $70 per hour

I am known for my empathy, caring and expertise in what I do.

I do not do generic hypnosis, put a preprogrammed tape on that you listen to, or rush people in and out! I usually allow an open ended amount of time for each session if needed. I prefer to gather information and then do some work on the particular issue, so that when you leave you feel some relief!

It’s important to realize that hypnotherapy and hypnosis are not to be mistaken for psychological counseling or psychotherapy.It is definitely not a medical treatment.



I do one main session, 1 1/2 to 2 hours and  you can tell  by the end of the session whether it has kicked in. I use various techniques along with hypnosis. Some people like to come in and take a refresher.

WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS explained on weight loss page.

I have worked with many different things, and each one can vary depending on what is going on. Some issues I prefer for you to give it 1 to 3 sessions to kick in. Lots of issues can be taken care of in one session.

Credit card number is taken before the session and then charged accordingly. Email or call about information on this.  nyeaubrey@gmail.com, 402-320-0859


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