Past Life Regression Sessions

Many people have a fun evening at their home. Some have had people bring something to eat and drink, and they have a party after the Regression, where they share their experiences.

The Regression can also be done at my place where I have a yoga studio in my basement.

I have also done workshops for various Institutions like Metro Community College, and see people on a private basis. 

You may have had what felt like a deja vu in a particular place or country, a recurring dream, an unexplained birth mark, phobia, know someone who you swear you know but you don’t. I have also had people gather dates, names and places and were able to verify the life they experienced. Many, many, interesting experiences with people throughout the years. Some lifetimes can be emotional and others humorous, romantic and surprising. You never know what you are going to experience. I constantly research new methods and ways to help people to get into the state to retrieve memories, so that most people do experience a lifetime.

The first part of the class I explain the methods I use and give information about the experience, what to do and expect, as well as relating some information about scientific research and unusual lifetimes people have had..

I use various methods to help people to get into a deep theta state where it is easier to  recall the memories. I use several methods in getting back to a past life since different methods work better for some people. My primary method is one that was taught to me many, many years ago, with my first past life regression and is used world wide.

Many books have been written about Psychiatrists that have taken people back into a past life and also “in-between” a life. I utilize some of these methods also.

I  do 5 lifetimes , which gives people information on more than one lifetime. Time takes on a different speed when in hypnosis and theta state. It often seems as if the whole thing was just 15 minutes, where often it is more than an hour.

Each person will have a piece of paper and pen to write down what they experienced, as soon as we are finished, so they don’t forget.

I usually stay for a bit afterwards and have people give a few of their experiences and then I leave while people continue on with their socializing.

I generally need at least 4 people, but can do less. In those cases the price would be different. For 4 people it is $40 per person. If you have 5 or more, it is $35 per person. Payment due before session. I take checks, cash or credit cards.

It takes around 2 hours and can be a little bit more, depending on how many people are there.



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