Past Life Regression Sessions

grandma and mom copyHave a fun night with friends doing Past Life Regression along with a Psychic that also does readings.

Many people have gotten friends together at their home, where they have snacks, etc. after the session.

I have done just Past Life Regression, but also have the option to do the Regression and use a Psychic that reads the people while they are doing the regression and gives them information on things she also picked up on after the class.

Using the psychic along with my  regression  is around  21/2 hours.  $45 per person

Doing just the Past Life Regression is around 2 hours or less. $35 per person

I have a yoga studio at my place that can fit up to 10 people or you can have it at your house.


I have a 5 person limit.


The first part of the class I explain the methods I use and give information about the experience and what to expect.

I use various methods to help people to get into the relaxed frame of mind to recall the memories, and several techniques to retrieve the images.

Each person will have a piece of paper and pen to write down what they experienced.

If we are using the psychic, she will tell people what she picked up on after the past life regression.

After that people can eat and drink, having fun sharing what they experienced.I usually leave after the session.


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