Here are just a few of the interesting experiences that I have received from people.

One lady was in the hospital, visiting a friend. She happened to glance in a room as she was walking by, and there was her husband. Except, that she knew her husband wasn’t in the hospital. Out of curiosity she went up to him to find out if he was related. He said he was not related, BUT, she noticed that he had two tattoos on him in the same places as her husband, and they have the same tattoos! One was a cross on his forehead, and the other was love, a letter on each knuckle.

One lady I talked with told me that her family had practically raised a neighbor girl. Her husband and her son were in a grocery store one day. They saw the girl, and said hello. She looked at them strangely and walked on. They were confused. They couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t say hello. So they followed her down an aisle and said her name again. She turned and looked at them like they were crazy. Now they were really confused. They thought something had happened to her for her to act so strangely. They said they followed her all around the store. They were surprised that they didn’t get arrested or something. But they just couldn’t figure it out. The girl left in a hurry, wanting to get away from them. They realized later that it apparently wasn’t her but someone who looked exactly like her. The strange thing was, that the name of the girl they knew, was LISA. this girl had a leather jacket on that bore the name LIZA. Apparently they had a similar name as well as looking alike. They had the same hair, hair color, hair style, face, body, movements,and even the same kind of makeup, that they said was a little flamboyant for that time.

On the tv show “Unsolved Mysteries”, a man told of seeing his double at a train station in World War II. They stood in awe looking at one another. They were both in the military, but in different branches. They approached oneanother, thinking they must be related. The had the same last name, but no elatives in common. They were puzzled. Then they discovered they both knew a story that had been passed down from generation to generation. It was about two cousins who had discovered hidden treasure in India and had barely escaped. They both knew parts of the story. The man telling the story took down the other’s address and had to leave. On the train he reached into his pocket to get the address and it was gone. He checked with his relatives and father when he went back home.No one knew anything about this other self, but his father confirmed parts of the story the other man had told him.

Two men ran into each other at an airport and were amazed to see themselves facing each other. Not only were theri faces the same, and their bodies, but they discovered they were both undertakers with the same last name.

Another lady saw her double sitting in a library, but it was her 10 years earlier. She was in awe. She watched her for awhile. It was as if she were in the twilight zone, watching herself from another time. The woman had the same hair style, hair color, clothes, height, etc. as she did 10 years earlier. She said the younger woman moved and held her head in the same way as she had done. The friend she was with was also amazed. They had met each other in this same library, 10 years ago when she looked just like this. She was so stunned by the whole thing that she didn’t go up to the girl, but just watched. The only thing that was different was the jacket she wore. It was extremely colorful. She would not have worn anything that colorful then, but was inclined to do so at the time she saw the double!

The similarities go beyond explanation, or known explanation, at times. I do have some theories as to what this is about. In the “similars” as well as the “exacts”, they usually have the same hair color, style, dress, glasses and even walk, talk, mannerisms, jobs, names, personalities, similar spouses, etc. This is not coincidence. There is a definitely something more substantial to this phenomenon. But, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

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