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The CD that I am selling on this web site is an excellent Weight Loss CD. It has a simple, easy to do hypnosis that takes you into a wonderful state of relaxation that makes it easier for the suggestions to go into your subconscious. Hypnosis is simply the clearing and quieting of the mind, a state we go into all the time in our every day life, meditation, prayer, before sleep, etc. It has been proven that this state can enhance suggestions put into the mind at that time.

I also work with Neuro Linguistic Programming which has many techniques that help the mind to reprogram it’s thinking.  These can work with specific words, tone of voice, how words are said to the unconscious and other methods.  Many of these techniques are in the CD.

What is also unique about this Weight Loss  CD is that it has three tracks.  The first one has the hypnosis. You can just play the hypnosis at any time and put in any suggestions you want.  Or play the hypnosis with the suggestions on weight loss all together.  Or, you can  forward to the 2nd track and just listen to the suggestions at any time, in the car, while getting dressed, doing dishes, etc. in the background.  This will reinforce the suggestions.  It also has the relaxation tape on it in track 3.  You can use this at any time to go to sleep, flying on a plane, relaxing.  Or if you play the  whole tape with the relaxation music in  it will put you to sleep and subliminally put in the suggestions while you sleep.  So you are getting many tapes in one and have many different ways to program your mind.

One lady played the Weight Loss CD at night when she went to bed for a month.  She was a chocolate addict as well as a soda pop addict.  Because of how the tape works, it will take out the unwanted eating problems even though it doesn’t specify the particular ones. She wasn’t expecting this and suddenly found she no longer wanted chocolate or pop.

Hypnosis is a proven way to help reframe the conscious thoughts and patterns of eating.   The music alone has been proven to work as a sleeping pill. Music Therapy is known to create certain brain states of relaxation. This music was meant to do just this. I also use other methods within the Weight Loss  CD that have been known to enhance the suggestions, that involve tone, frequency, use of words and many more.

I have had great success with this Weight Loss CD. Many people have noticed that by just listening to the tape almost every day they lost 7 to 9 lbs. in one week. There was no effort involved, they simply found themselves eating less and being more motivated to be aware of their eating habits, not finding the need to eat as much.

The suggestions are basic and simple, which the latest research has proven. Eating less, becoming consciously aware of what you eat, chewing each bite, not taking another bite until the previous bite has gone into your stomach, taking one bite at a time, and feeling full faster are the main components in losing weight, as well as exercise. All of these suggestions are on the Weight Loss CD, and download.

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The following testimonials describe the benefits people have realized by using theWeight loss CD I have had so many testimonials and success with my program, which is not about deprivation, that I could not put all of them on this page.

Janis, Iowa Western,
” Lost 20 lbs. Using it with weight watchers, “
Dave Johnson,
” After using the weight loss tape and hypnosis my cholesterol and blood pressure went down to the point I could take less pills, cutting them in half.”
Sue Detlef,
” Didn’t use butter and stopped chocolate and gained emotional confidence and started taking care of herself more. Speaking up and saying no to not just food but people also. Chocolate is my downfall. In Aubrey’s diet program, it’s not about deprivation, just about quantity and making wise and conscious choices. After the session I was at a store and bought a few pieces of chocolate for myself and my sister. I started to eat it and it actually tasted different, not appealing at all! I didn’t even want it. “
” Chocolate and diet pop “
” Got off of pop completely and I was a 3 liter a day gal!. Then I used it on chocolate and stopped doing that. I no longer have the cravings I had before and instead of eating at night I work out now. “
David Johnson,
” I lost 30 lbs. with your tapes. I found myself just eating less, instead of the whole bag of French fries I was eating only a few. I didn’t have to finish everything on my plate. “” ..weight loss hypnosis class, just did that and sat down to eat and didn’t have to eat the whole plate. Stopped doing chocolate also, and loved it! Lost 4 lbs. one week. Eating less and really enjoying it more! Being conscious of what I eat. Used to have 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon and 2 toast in morning, now ½ of that and I’m full and satisfied!!! ”
-Verne Hauger
” I’ve played the tape for 3 weeks and haven’t had a piece of candy during that time. I just don’t want it.  I also find that I am much calmer and chew each piece of food, being consciously aware of how I am eating. “” Used weight loss hypnosis for 5 months with south beach diet lost 45lbs. ”
-Lance Nygaard
Susan C.,
” Used to down chips and dips in one sitting. Now it lasts about 2 weeks. It’s like resetting the mind. Not painful for feel deprived. Feels like normal the way it is supposed to be. “
Brenda from Omaha Nebraska / June of 2005,
” I had a personal Hypnosis session and used the CD regularly. I lost 10 lbs. the first 2 weeks. I love your tape! The music puts me to sleep at night when I play it. I am so surprised how fast it worked. I suddenly was wanting fruits and vegetables instead of sugar products etc. My self confidence has greatly improved and I feel in control of my life again instead of food being in control of me! Especially cookies, chocolate, pop, you name it. I can’t believe how I can just have a few bites of sweets here and there and not want more. I don’t feel deprived. I can eat things I want, but I just eat less and actually make better choices now. My family isn’t controlling me anymore either! I have a new lease on life! It’s unbelievable! “
” I haven’t had a piece of candy in three weeks. I remind myself now to chew up what I eat and eat slower. I am also much calmer. “
” I can’t believe it, after the hypnosis I just started eating less and have already lost 3 lbs. A week after hypnosis. “
Jane Ivers
” I’ve lost 10 lbs in two weeks. It’s great! I just don’t want the sugar products that much. I take a few bites here and there and I am fine! I’m focusing more on how much I eat and finding myself full much sooner and not needing to finish everything on the plate anymore.I feel so much better about myself! “
Janet S.
” I was obsessed with losing weight but couldn’t change my eating habits. After several sessions with Aubrey I am no longer focusing on food. It’s amazing. It’s not even a problem anymore. “
Robin lost 20 lbs.
Mary Gum was able to stop her compulsion to drink coke in one session.
Deb Racusso(sp) Weight loss class hypnosis
” So strange. Right away I didn’t want things I usually would eat. Almost made me sick to my stomach thinking of eating this huge muffin that I would have eaten. Just finding I was saying to myself I don’t want that. I ate better and made better choices. My daughter who is an Olympic trainer who I spent a few days with said I was making better choices of food and eating less of them than ever before. I thought I was eating a lot. But Aubrey had put that in the hypnosis that I would think I was eating a lot but I really wasn’t and that’s exactly what happened.!! “
Becky K. from Omaha, July 2005
” I went to Aubrey to take out a pattern I had done for 20 years and had not been able to stop. Practically every night for 20 years I would get up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen and eat comfort food. I could not stop that pattern on my own and the thought of it gave me anxiety. We did one Hypnosis and it was gone! Amazing. “I can’t thank you enough!” I go to the kitchen and get up every night with 4 kids and even go to the refrigerator to get something for one of my children at times, and “there is no urge!”. My family can’t believe it. “
Karen R.
” At first it was so strange. I had been eating a certain way for my entire life and maintaining around 300 lbs. After one session I was simply making better choices and not having the desire to eat as much. It was really weird. I continued the sessions periodically to maintain the reinforcement and in 2 months lost 40 lbs. “
Cori Millers said that when she went into her doctor and told him she had lost 18 lbs. and given up Pepsi without drugs, he was very proud of her.
” I have not had Pepsi for over 2 months and have no desire for it anymore. I lived for it for 20 years. This was with one personal session with Aubrey and playing her tape.”



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